Saturday night review

Last night went really well. Tried my new big joke – went off. Unfortunately, my other new big joke which worked at Raw barely raised a snicker last night. I’ll try it again next Saturday and see how it goes. Last line: Gold.

I was excessively nervous last night. There are different types of nervous. I’m always nervous, but sometimes there is a particularly intense nervous. I think I probably felt that way last night, because I knew I was making the act move to a new level. And because I’d done a bit of work on it I needed it to go well. It wasn’t killer, but it was solid. I feel like I’ve got a routine now, a character is developing. The audience have something on-going and substantial to listen to. It’s going well.

In other news, there was a new guy there last night who is also in the Raw semi-finals. He was brilliant. Listening to the Raw gossip, it was a good reminder to me that if I’m going to keep enjoying it as I have done until now, I need kust keep taking it as it comes.  It’s a competition, people lose, and sooner or later one of those people will be me.

That car race is on today.


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