No applause, but not dead

October 29, 2006

Last night was okay, but no applause. The new joke didn’t work. The premise of it is good (I still think), and the delivery of it was no different to other parts of the script, which leaves the the devil in the detail.

After working for weeks to slow it down, now I need to speed it up again.

Now that the rest of the routine is working so well, the weakness of the end is really showing up. So I spent today looking at the structure of the script. Something I haven’t done for a long time. I have chopped the end off for now, and put a space in the script where I can try new material. And I’ve written the new joke I’m going to try next week.
How would it go if I set myself the task of writing one new joke every day? Bit like all my other ‘just half an hour a days’ I’m guessing.  Look where it got my Spanish.



October 22, 2006

Last night’s crowd clapped at two of my jokes. It’s the first spontaneous punchline applause I’ve had.

The end of the routine is still quite soft and my I will work on that this week.